I am often asked what I mean by the term Domestic Theologian, so I came up with 10 distinctives:

A domestic theologian believes the Bible to be her authority in every area of life: her mind, will, and emotions.

She believes that every area of life she manages (schedules, finances, homemaking, children, hospitality, to name a few) should be informed by a proper view of God and of herself.

She believes that truth, beauty and goodness are transcendent attributes found perfectly in our triune God — and that she is able to reflect those attributes in some small way by their incorporation into her habits, routines, and family culture.

She believes that a serious study and application of the scriptures is the best means for changing hearts and minds.

She refuses to submit herself to the wildly popular syncretism in the evangelical church that combines hyper-sentimentalism + self-help + self-empowerment + New Age philosophies, with an added dollop of of generic moralism on top.

She believes that God values the work she does in the home, because he has declared all work done for his glory to be good — whether or not she receives any accolades from the world (or from her followers on social media).

She seeks out sound biblical and theological teaching, even when it feels vastly different from other studies and groups she’s participated in in the past.

She desires to cultivate faithful family culture, even when it cuts sharply against the zeitgeist of today’s culture.

She desires the Holy Spirit to be continually at work in her own heart, forming and shaping her own affections, and also in the hearts of her husband and children.

She is aware of the many ways she sins by comission or omission every day, and repents.