Reading Update for January 2018

[I wrote here about my reading and literary habit goals for 2018]

In January 2018, I completed:

  • The Inklings by Humphrey Carpenter.  This is decidedly not one of my favorite books about C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkein & co.  I am glad that I read it, as it filled in some of my gaps about Owen Barfield and Charles Williams.  But I did not agree with nor find it particularly pleasurable to read about the author’s views of Lewis, his personal life, and his works.  As I hope to teach a class on C.S. Lewis next winter, I thought it necessary reading.  But Jack remains my favorite biography of Lewis, and I am looking forward to my next Inklings read very much: The Literary Lives of the Inklings.
  • Total Truth by Nancy Pearcey.  Excellent read! Outstanding!  I would recommend this book to any Christian — but in particular, to anyone who wonders the whys and wherefores of forming a Christian worldview.  This book had been recommended to me multiple times over the years, and I am glad to have finally sat under Ms. Pearcey’s tutelage.
  • Earlier in January, I completed An American Childhood (Annie Dillard).
  • I am right now reading the following books at different points during my days and weeks: The Collected Poems of G.K. Chesterton; Confessions (Augustine); Devoted to God (Sinclair Ferguson), A Writing Life (Annie Dillard), and Redemption: Accomplished and Applied (John Murray), The Brothers Karamazov (Dostoevsky), and Saving Leonardo (Nancy Pearcey).

Also being read in our house:

  • During our Morning Time, I am reading aloud to the kids The Princess and the Goblin (George MacDonald), and I am quite certain that I love it just as much as my children do!
  • Chris is reading aloud Wise Words (Peter Leithart) during family devotions after dinner, and the kids adore it. It has sat on our shelf for years, and this was the perfect time to pull it off, in between Advent and Lent seasons.
  • In the evenings, Chris is reading around another installment of the (wonderful) Ralph Moody series: Man of the Family.

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