Introduction from Allison

Welcome to TruthBeautyGoodness!  I have launched this new, streamlined website to focus on what I believe God is calling me to do at this season of life:

teach, train, and equip other mamas to

     think theologically,

     live as Pilgrims,

     encounter the great Christian minds of the past,

     create beauty and delight in their family culture, and

     engage the deteriorating culture without compromising a distinctly Christian worldview.


If you would like to learn more, you can peruse a growing catalogue of film and audio interviews plus guest blog posts and keep up-to-date with teaching events.

I would love to hear a suggestion for a future webinar, respond to your feedback, or discuss the needs for your speaking event.

Feel free to learn more about my background and current theological research interests.

I would also point you towards our family business, Sword & Trowel, the online destination for anyone wanting to wear their theology, display their theology, and live their theology.