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Other Notes:
  • TableTalk magazine:  You can request a free 3-month trial subscription of TableTalk here.
  • Bible:  You can preview the Reformation Study Bible here.  Another excellent Bible is the ESV Study Bible, which can be found here.
  • Bible Reading Plans:  You can find a whole slew of excellent Bible Reading Plans here.
    • If you decide to try the M'Cheyne plan (which I did for a couple of years), I would highly recommend using Don Carson's For the Love of God Volume 1 or Volume 2 (also shown in the book table above) that serves as a devotional/commentary for the assigned daily Bible readings.  I found both volumes to be extremely helpful when I used the M'Cheyne plan.
  • Let's Study series: I included a link to Let's Study Mark, one book in an amazingly helpful series published by Banner of Truth.  I particularly enjoyed the Mark, Ephesians, and Philippians studies.  Short daily readings, but extremely doxological and devotional!
  • Bible Study Fellowship:  I have been in a number of BSF studies over the years, and I continue to recommend BSF classes to many of the women I meet!  There are also men's classes, and my husband has learned much from his BSF studies as well.  Our children have spent innumerable hours in BSF classes over the last ten years, a blessing for which we are very grateful.
  • Prayer Notebook: As I mentioned in the webinar, Gina Garland's YouTube video on creating a "prayer notebook" has been one of the most helpful resources I've ever encountered in bringing some structure and depth to my prayer life.  Click here to watch the 8-minute video.
    • Gina graciously gave me permission to provide a direct download of How to Organize Your Prayer Life (her document that I utilized, in conjunction with her video, to set up my prayer notebook). You are welcome to contact her and tell her how much this has helped you, but you are also free to download the 11-page document directly from my site here.  (Thank you, Gina!!)
  • Creating Your Own Devotion Time: If you are new to having your own quiet time/devotional time/private worship, you may want some help thinking through the elements you would like to include.  I have created "4 Steps to Creating a Personal Devotion Time" (you can download it right here).

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