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Other Notes:
  • Mystie and I talk with much appreciation about Cindy Rollins in the interview.  You can read her regular (brilliant) posts at the CiRCE Institute.  You can also gain lots of ideas about building a Morning Time routine at her super-duper helpful blog here.  If NOTHING ELSE, please, please listen to her talk:  "The Long Haul: Using Morning Time to Educate for a Lifetime," which can be purchased right here for $3.  It is worth that, plus three more zeros, trust me.  (I have listened to the talk 4 times in the past 12 months!!)
  • We have listened to and loved the Questions & Answers series by Songs for Saplings for MANY years now.  They are very much part of our family culture, and I am eager to watch our toddler learn this simple (but substantial) catechism over the next couple of years.  Songs for Saplings is a marvelous ministry, and they now offer all EIGHT of their catechism CD's as FREE downloads. !!Yikes!! We've purchased multiple copies over the years because we scratched them up so often, but now we can download new copies for free. What a blessing.  (You can also purchase the physical copies from their website if desired.)
  • Three of my children use Handwriting Without Tears for practice during Morning Time.
Organizing My Morning Time Binder:
  • We used cheap 1/2" binders for all five of us this past year.  However, we will be upgrading to these 1 1/2" Better Binders from Staples for next term.
  • My family's 2014/2015 Morning Time memory work can be downloaded right here.
  • Our review system was not complex (nor particularly systematic) this year, because it was our first full year with Morning Time.  This will not, however, work very well going forward year after year, so I plan to slightly modify Mystie's review plan (as she outlines in this helpful post) and begin incorporating a more systematic review method beginning this summer.
  • Each child earns 30 cents for every poem they memorize to perfection.  We have 4 coin jars in our schoolroom (filled with pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters) that the kids use to collect their allowance and extra chore money.  They are paid out of these same jars for their poetry memorization.  We track their memory work on this simple chart I created (which you can download right here).  Once the child has received 5 X's (meaning they have recited it perfectly 5 times), they earn the 30-cent payment.

Our 2015/2016 Morning Time plans

Music in Morning Time:
  • During the filming of our Morning Time, we used an older model iPod Touch.
  • The iPod sat on a really old docking station, which amplified the music in a satisfactory manner.  A couple days later, the docking station met an untimely death, and we took that opportunity to upgrade both our iPod as well as the amplification system.  We LOVE them both!  The iPod is a thousand times better and the new bluetooth speaker puts the other one to shame.  (it also costs three times the original one, but it is well worth it, because we use it so often).
  • The new iPod can be found here.  And this is our new (magnificent!!) Bluetooth speaker:

mystie button

As I mentioned at the end of the interview, Mystie has created a fabulous resource for all viewers of the Creating A Morning Time webinar.  Please go here to find:

    • an index of her family's memory work over the past 7 years
    • all her best posts on Morning Time
    • a FREE gift for webinar viewers (!!)
    • her recent post on "5 Steps to Creating Morning Time"

I've already started mining through these resources myself as I plan for our next homeschool term.  This is a real treasure trove, so please go here to check it out.  Just be sure that you block off an hour (or five), because there is SO much helpful, principled, and entirely practical information here.  (Thank you, Mystie!!)

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