2 Chris and Allison graphicWelcome to TruthBeautyGoodness!

I would love to be able to welcome you to my physical home in middle Tennessee, where we can share espresso drinks and book recommendations with each other.  But we'll have to settle for second best:  an invitation to my virtual home at TruthBeautyGoodness.net.

A little bit about my family:  I have been married to my miraculously patient and gracious husband Chris since 2000.  In His divine providence, God refashioned Chris' heart just a few months after my own spiritual heart surgery occurred.  Our marriage has been marked by all of the joys and challenges of raising four children together, and all of the pain and repentance of growing as Christians together.

Chris committed to marrying me a couple months after we coincidentally met at a minor league baseball game in the summer of 1999.  Our story began with a bit of a fairytale flare, but quickly unraveled as the selfishness that marks two unbelievers set in.

Five years into our marriage, our first child was born, and we soon after became Christians.  And then the real unraveling began.  Mercifully, redemptive unraveling is always for our benefit, and so as the King of all creation began removing the layers of sin, dysfunction, and heartache, He ever-so-tenderly replaced them with forgiveness, oneness, and worship.  Chris and I love each other because the Lord first loved us, and we are never letting go.

Chris and I have four children -- whose ages are currently 11, 9, 8, and 4 -- and together we classically educate them in our home.  What that looks like on a practical level is a home filled to the brim with excellent books, a Latin-chanting toddler, fairytale tea times, and a whole lot of ballad-singing from our elementary students. We are a noisy crew, but Jesus came so that we may experience the abundant life.  In our world, quiet = boring, so bring on the abundance (and noise-cancelling headphones, if you happen to be visiting)!

Our family is extremely blessed to be part of the covenant community at Parish Presbyterian Church in Franklin, TN, where our hearts and souls are continually being instructed and shaped by the preaching, singing, and praying of the Word of God.

Insignificant trivia: I love expertly brewed mochas, reclaimed barn wood, and sentences adorned with properly used semicolons.signature block 2016