Classical Education

Q: Why do you homeschool?

I talked with Pam on this podcast about my original decision to homeschool (before I was even pregnant with our first child).

In a nutshell, we homeschool because we know that education is not neutral; all teachers teach the worship of someone or something.  We believe our children must be taught by teachers who love and worship the Triune God in an environment that fosters this worship, praise, and gratitude -- all in the midst of a vibrant, beautiful atmosphere filled with quality books, deep discussions, time to explore, rigorous academics, soul-forming music, and a participation in the classical pedagogy that has existed (and is now being recovered by some really brilliant people) for centuries.

Let me repeat:  education is not neutral; it is discipleship. We are discipling our children to love our God and love our neighbor, and to make an impact for the Kingdom of God in our very dark world.

Education is also the formation of virtue in the hearts and souls of my children.  Government schools have very little to say about developing virtuous character in children.  The Bible has everything to say about it.

Q: What are your favorite homeschooling blogs/websites?

Mystie at and Brandy at Also, Simply Charlotte MasonKing's Meadow Study Center, and Classical Academic Press.

I have also had the privilege of writing for The CiRCE Institute about our classical approach to home education (and how we got there):


Q: What resources do you use for homeschooling?

For 2016-17 (our 7th year of home education) we are using:

For 2015/2016 (our 6th year of home education) we used: